The fervent Republican filmed his appearance in the campaign ad, which he is promoting on social media.

In a new Facebook post, the Cat Scratch Fever rocker made it clear who he'll be voting for in November (16), stating: "Isn't it time we quit doing the same thing by electing professional politicians to represent us and then hoping they do something different instead of punking us?

"Professional politicians on both sides of the political aisle have screwed over America. We have plenty of professional punk politicians, too few statesmen."

And signalling the property tycoon is the way forward, despite the fact he has never held a political office, Ted adds, "If you want to do something truly different and make America great again, he's your candidate."

The rock star and outdoorsman has been a very vocal critic of current U.S. leader Barack Obama, and took aim at the President in January (16) when he vowed to crack down on gun violence during a press conference at the White House, unveiling proposals to ensure retailers conduct efficient background checks on citizens looking to purchase firearms.

Gun enthusiast Nugent took to Facebook again to attack Obama, writing: "He is a psychopathic America hating liar. Period... Dear God in heaven America is going down fast! Give NRA (National Rifle Association) mbrshps (memberships) to everyone you know today!!"

He later added on Twitter, "Anybody that denies Obama is the enemy of America is the enemy of America... Your thug constituency rejoices your latest gunscam mr prez (sic)... its (sic) not the guns stupid - its (sic) the engineered recidivism-nobody (sic) believes u (you)."

Nugent also expressed his distaste for President Obama in a 2014 interview with, in which he called the leader a "communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel."

Nugent later apologised for his remarks, and said he wished he had used "more understandable language".