The Blueskins Live Review
The Blueskins 07/07/2003 Liverpool Academy 3

The Blueskins


Liverpool Academy 3

When the these young Wakefield rockers blast their way into the big time, with their ironically tender lyrics and powerful garage rock with a sprinkling of cosmo pop sound that makes The Datsuns and The Hives sound like a lost Hyena who has just eaten a dodgy zebra. Should front man Ryan Spendlove enquire as to whether anyone saw them at Liverpool, if more than 29 people scream out an emphatic yes; most of them are lying.

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Ryan Spendlove strolled onto the stage looking like he was entering a Robert Harvey (The Music) look a like competition. Throughout this rasping set he emulated him, not being at all perturbed by the poor turnout; after all he was just doing what he loves. The opener ‘Girl’ sang with Dolf De Datsun meets Rob Harvey vocals and spirit, which set the rock n roll rollercoaster of to a brisk start. The debut EP tracks ‘Give Me Your Hand’, ‘User Friendly’ and ‘Blue Sneakers’ (Out on Domino Recordings) were well received and demonstrate fully the potential of the band with these short, sharp, shock style tunes.

The diversity of The Blueskins was apparent in the highlight track on the set ‘Go’ where they mixed a bit of cosmo rock, Alt Country and their speciality good old fashioned Rock N Roll, showing that they are not averse to dabbling in the longer more musically complex numbers.

David Adair