Review of Magic Rd EP EP by The Blueskins

THE BLUESKINS - Magic Rd EP Review (Domino Records)

The Blueskins

Magic Rd - EP

(Domino Records)

After their hard hitting and ‘User Friendly’ debut EP, Yorkshire’s equivalent of a The Datsuns, The Hives and The Strokes super group, fronted by a Robert Harvey (The Music) look a like, are back on the scene. ‘Can’t Get Down’ is a typical whiney, belting blues rock classic, that builds on from the three tracks on their first EP that won them so much acclaim.

THE BLUESKINS - Magic Rd EP Review (Domino Records)

The skins peel away from their roots in the succinct and poignant “Ellie Meadows’, as this acoustic lead, almost psychedelic offering provides ample proof if any was needed, of Ryan Spendlove’s versatile vocals when his tender side comes out and is cushioned by crisp backing vocals. The five track teaser showcasing this young band’s ability contains a sharp 47 second interlude that states the obvious, as far as this young Wakefield outfit goes; ‘Love My Guitar’. Having toured with The Kills, The Blueskins are steadily spreading their infectious love of music and are bound to acquire a loyal fanbase, even if NME prefer the Kings of Leon, so much so that if the latter band started producing tunes like those on ‘Magic Rd”, then they and their readers would probably protested outside Buckingham Palace demanding that they be knighted.

David Adair