Hitmaker and producer The-Dream has called on today's R&B superstars to slow down and create more music about love and romance.

The star, real name Terius Nash, fears the genre has become the new hip-hop, and too many artists are writing songs about their private dramas.

He tells Paper magazine, "R&B used to be about family and love and the blues, and it seems it's just not about that anymore. Right now, it's about 15 per cent music and 85 per cent bulls**t."

Nash, who wrote Beyonce's Single Ladies and Rihanna's Umbrella, adds, "I need people who want to make love again, people who want to slow dance again, instead of making those ratchet-type records for the club.

"R&B will never be as quick of a hit as hip-hop is. Rap is urgent, love takes time."