The Godfather: PART III star Andy Garcia was so taken by his wife when he first met her, he asked her to marry him within minutes of laying eyes on her.

The Cuban-born actor, 47, has now been married to MARIVI for 21 years and they have four children together. And Garcia admits it took very little effort to seal his blissful future with his wife when they met three decades ago in a Miami, Florida, bar.

He says, "I just met her in a bar and proposed to her. When I saw her, she just blew my just blew my mind. She was - and still is - an extraordinary woman. That was it for me.

"She was the sister of a friend of mine and when I saw her I was just overwhelmed. I said, 'Hi, how are you doing? Nice to see you, have a seat.' I looked at her and said, 'Will you marry me?'

"She said yes, by the way, right there. She was calling my bluff I guess. She says that I said that to every woman that night!"

But although the proposal was quick, the trip down the aisle was slightly more delayed - it took another seven years before they were pronounced man and wife.

27/04/2003 20:55