Review of The Sleep Tape Album by The High Wire

Review of The Hire Wire's album The Sleep Tape

The High Wire The Sleep Tape Album

Having garnered the support of Radio 2 after the release of their debut mini-album in 2008, the trio who make up The High Wire now release their first full length record. Produced by the band and Blur/PJ Harvey cohort Rik Simpson, further endorsement of the outfit comes from Coldplay, who invited the outfit to support their tour.

Rarely has an album been so appropriately named with 'The Sleep Tape' very likely to induce a visit to the Land Of Nod, but whether or not that's a good thing comes down to your preference in sound. Enjoy thrashing and screamed vocals? If the answer is yes, then this will bore the hell out of you, but for those who enjoy something more relaxed and melodic, this is a superb treat.

'The Midnight Bell' sweeps in on a dreamy wave, accompanied by lush harmonies, while 'Hang From The Lights' follows it up in hazy fashion and a gorgeous piece of shimmering guitar work. 'Honeycomb' is a sleepy instrumental before 'Odds And Evens' displays how laid back rock music can actually get. It's not all at one tone though, 'Pump Your Little Heart' and 'A Future Ending' have a psychedelic edge, with the latter being reminiscent of Oasis' 'To Be Where There's Life'. It's the highlight of a beautiful record that may well send you to sleep with the sweetest of dreams.

Alex Lai

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