The Killers star Brandon Flowers is both baffled and impressed by gay singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright's romantic ode to him - because it was composed after a brief late-night encounter.
Wainwright's Tulsa is all about the Human singer, and Flowers is flattered to be the subject of a song - if a little confused.
Flowers says, "We were both playing the same night in Tulsa, and after our shows we ended up in the same bar. We hung out for an hour and a half, tops, and I'm so impressed with how he turned that into a song.
"He does compare me to Marlon Brando in there. I'll take that all day."
But there's one line in the tune Flowers doesn't understand, when Wainwright suggests The Killers frontman "tastes of potato chips in the morning".
He adds, "(That's) wishful thinking. I don't know why, in his imagination, he'd pick potato chips."