A new documentary about one of Los Angeles' most fabled celebrity hang-outs has landed The Monkees star Mickey Dolenz as its potential star.

The drummer was a regular at the Rainbow Bar on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard in its heyday and formed the Hollywood Vampires drinking club there with Alice Cooper.

Cooper launched the film project on his website earlier this year (14), urging fans to donate memorabilia from the venue - and now Dolenz has revealed he is in talks to front the documentary.

He tells Huffington Post Live, "They've talked to me about that. The Hollywood Vampires were started by myself and Alice Cooper and a couple of others. It started out as a softball team and we played every weekend. We would raise money for charity, going out playing other local teams, corporate teams or the local police department or fire department. Of course, they always won! We were a bunch of Hollywood weirdos, running around.

"Then we would go back to the Rainbow and that's where (we) would recuperate and lick our wounds after the games."

Launching the project earlier this year (14), Cooper said, "I decided that I'd like to tell the story of the Hollywood Vampires - my drinking club that used to meet in the loft of the Rainbow Bar."

John Lennon, Keith Moon and Cooper's publicist Bob Brown were also members of the Hollywood Vampires.