The Script for 'The Wolverine' is being rewritten.

The filming for the movie - which will see Hugh Jackman reprise his role as the 'X-Men' character - has been delayed as Hugh shoots Tom Hooper's new version of 'Les Miserables' and director James Mangold now wants the script to be changed.

He has hired Mark Bomback - who penned films such as 'Die Hard 4.0', 'Unstoppable' and 'Total Recall' - to rework the screenplay before shooting starts next year.

The movie was initially due to begin lensing later this year, but a combination of the Australian actor's commitment to 'Les Miserables' and the weather in Japan means it may now not begin until spring 2012.

It may now move to Canada instead of Japan, or a combination of the two.

The movie has been beset with problems for a while - Darren Aronofsky dropped out of filming due to personal issues and a recent earthquake in Japan also caused Delays.

Despite the trouble, Hugh has revealed he is already back on the diet and fitness regime required for him to bulk up to play the muscular character.

He said: "I've literally just started. I'm taking the next two months off, pretty much, because it's a full time job, putting on a size. I'm a naturally skinny guy - genetics are not on my side with this thing - so I have to eat like a horse."