Earlier this year (16) the iconic indie rock band announced they would be returning to play four shows in their hometown of Manchester, England.

They are also recording their first album together in two decades and are set to play in Scotland, Japan, New York and Dublin, Ireland when they hit the road this summer (16).

In addition to their existing touring commitments, frontman Ian Brown wants the group to take in venues in less celebrated parts of Britain.

"We'd like to play places you'd least like to live - like Sunderland, Grimsby," he said in a video posted by a fan on Youtube. "But not advertised it as that, know what I mean."

A voice off-camera is also heard suggesting Hartlepool, England as a potential venue for a gig.

Despite being one of the most celebrated British rock acts of the past 30 years, the band have a history of playing major concerts in venues off the beaten track.

Their most celebrated concert took place on Spike Island in Widnes, England. In 1990 roughly 30,000 revelers watched the band perform on the man-made island, once the site of several chemical factories. A film which told the story of several youths attempts to sneak into the open air gig was released in 2012.

Ian's citation of Grimsby as a place he'd like to play but not live is not the first time the English port town has hit the headlines this year (16).

Funnyman and filmmaker Sacha Baron Cohen used the town as the backdrop for his latest comedy film, which was known simply as Grimsby in the U.K. and The Brothers Grimsby in the U.S.

The movie starred Sacha as a soccer hooligan attempting to reconnect with his secret agent brother and depicted the town as a backward and impoverished place.

Sunderland, the other area namechecked by Ian as an undesirable place to reside, is already a common place for some of the world's most popular musicians to play.

Beyonce is set to play the city's Stadium of Light soccer ground in June (16). Rihanna however cancelled a concert which was due to take place at the same venue later this year due to "logistical reasons".