The iconic band from Manchester, England reformed after 15 years apart in 2011, but only returned to the studio to record new music earlier this year (16).

Now, the band have announced they will release a single, their first new music since their Ten Story Love Song EP hit record shops in March 1995.

An announcement posted on the group's Twitter page read simply, "The Stone Roses will release a new single tonight at 8pm." The title of the single had yet to be revealed at the time of WENN going to press.

The band broke up in acrimony in 1996 after the departure of guitarist John Squire, and it was not until 15 years later that frontman Ian Brown, bassist Gary 'Mani' Mounfield and drummer Alan Wren announced they and John would reunite for a tour.

In November last year (15) the band announced they would be returning to play shows in Japan, Ireland, Scotland and their hometown of Manchester, followed by confirmation in March (16) that a new album was in the works.

The first sign The Stone Roses were planning to reveal news of a single came on Monday (09May16) when the group's lemon logo appeared on electronic advertising hoardings next to main roads in Manchester. The group organised a similar stunt by placing posters of lemons in shop windows around the city ahead of last year's tour announcement (15).

When the song is released, it will be the first new Stone Roses music fans have heard since the 1995 release of Moses and Ride On on the B-side of the Ten Story Love Song single.

Despite the excitement of new music, Roses fans in Japan have been left disappointed after the group was forced to cancel two June (16) Tokyo gigs after Wren broke two ribs in an accidental fall.

Their U.K. and Ireland concerts are not believed to be under threat of cancellation. Details of the release date of their new album are yet to be announced.