The Vamps once ended up in Sweden in a limo by mistake after a heavy drinking session.

The boyband comprised of Tristan Evans, James McVey, Connor Ball and Bradley Simpson - recently dropped their new single 'Middle of the Night' with Martin Jensen and when asked what the craziest thing that has happened to them in the middle of the night, Tristan revealed they once ended up in a completely different country after one too many glasses of champagne.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We ended up in a different country we never meant to one time. We were in a limo and we ended up in Sweden from another country. It was fun.

''I don't know where we were going, it was a big night. We were just sipping on the champagne and enjoying life and ended up there.''

The 'All Night' hitmakers released their new album 'Night & Day' last month, and they have a collaboration with DJ Sigala in the works.

Asked if they are working with the 'ABC' hitmaker, Tristan said: ''Yeah we are working on something with Sigala and that should be in the process of being released or teased soon so we are very excited about that.''