The Vamps had a ''bizarre'' time at Brooklyn Beckham's 18th birthday party.

The quartet - which features Tristan Evans, 22, Connor Ball, 21, James McVey, 23, and 21-year-old Brad Simpson - are friends with the aspiring photographer and mistakenly assumed that, when they got an invite to celebrate his milestone age earlier this year, they would be hanging out with a big group of young adults.

James explained: ''We went to his 18th birthday a couple of months ago.

''He texted me saying a few of his friends were going, did we want to come? We presumed it would be friends who were our age, then Tris and I turned up and it was his parents, his auntie and just one of his friends that was his age. We sat there like, this is bizarre. But it was a really good night.''

Brooklyn - who is the oldest son of David and Victoria Beckham - previously appeared in the group's video for 'Wake Up' and the band love hanging out with him.

Tristan told OK! magazine: ''He's our boy. He's cool. He's a really down-to-earth dude and he's nice to hang out with when we're both in London.''

The 'Somebody To You' hitmakers have recently been on the road supporting Little Mix on tour and are big fans of the 'Black Magic' group.

Tristan explained that they have known the chart-topping girl group for a number of years, and he conceded that they are a ''good-looking bunch of girls'' too.

He said: ''We've known them for a while now. They're cool girls, really talented, and their harmonies are on point.

''It was nice to travel around Europe with them.

''They're a good-looking bunch of girls. You can appreciate good looks.''