The Vamps want to collaborate with Cruz Beckham.

The 'Can We Dance' hitmakers - comprising James McVey, Brad Simpson, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans - are friends with the aspiring singer's older brother, Brooklyn Beckham, and have told the 'If Every Day was Christmas' singer they will be on hand if he needs help or advice, not to mention a studio session together.

Asked if they would mentor 11-year-old Cruz, James said: ''That would be great I said to him in the past it would be good to do stuff.

''I think it's cool that he is really working on it. I've seen a few things on his Instagram and he's really good.

''It's nice that he is playing the guitar from the start and I really admire that. I think it's definitely someone to watch for the future. I'd love to do some stuff with him.''

But The Vamps aren't the only people who want to help Cruz, as Simon Cowell has previously admitted he'd love to sign the youngster to his record label.

He said: ''Get him in and we'll sign him.

''I met them when they were younger and I have to say they are really incredible kids.

''They could have been really spoilt but they weren't - they were really funny when they came down to one of the shows.

''I know the Beckhams get criticised for being in the public eye but if you're in the public eye your kids are going to be too.''

Fashion designer Victoria, 42, has expressed her pride in her children, saying that they are ''hard-working'' and that she couldn't ask for more.

She said: ''You don't have a rule book when you have a child. You just do the best that you can and I think the kids are doing a pretty good job.

''They're well-mannered, hard-working, they're fun and they're happy kids. So what more can you ask for?''