The View rocker Kieren Webster has vowed to follow in his father's footsteps by campaigning for an independent Scotland.

The bassist, who hails from Dundee, will vote in favour of the country breaking away from the U.K. when Scots go to the polls in September (14).

Webster's father Roderick has campaigned for Scottish independence since the 1980s, and the musician is keen to carry on the family tradition.

He says, "I'm definitely voting 'yes'. I'm getting involved in the campaign and got in touch with them last week... I honestly feel we should give it a bash and maybe we'll get some politicians we actually voted for. My old man has campaigned for independence since the '80s. I remember going around flats (apartments) and he and his pals would hand out flyers.

"I'm not an Snp (Scottish National Party) supporter but I want us to stand on our own two feet. Then we can vote whoever we want in."