The XX performed a stunning headline set at Primavera Sound in Barcelona on Friday (02.06.17).

The electronic-indie trio from south London are in the middle of a massive tour and took to the stage last night at the Parc del Forum to perform a number of their new dance hits from their latest album 'I See You,' and a series of fan favourite tracks from their breakout record 'xx' and follow up LP 'Coexist'.

Despite being on the road in the US and Europe since January, bassist Oliver Sim admitted he was ''nervous'' in front of the huge crowd and told music goers: ''Do you know what, I'm very nervous, I don't know why, it's only because I care.''

The xx - which also includes songwriter Jamie Smith and guitarist Romy Madley Croft - brought their magnificent stage production to the industrial site, including their rainbow spectacle of lights and revolving metallic columns used during their 'Night & Day' tour.

Singers Romy and Oliver opened the set with old favorites 'Crystalised', 'Islands', and 'Infinity, and slowed the pace midway, with tracks 'Replica' and 'Performance'.

The group ended their energetic performance with a mini DJ set from Jamie - who is also known as Jamie XX - which kicked off with 'Shelter' before delighting fans with their 2017 hit 'On Hold' and Jamie's solo effort 'Loud Places'.

Other acts to perform at the 17th addition of Primavera Sound were Solange, Bon Iver, Slayer and Aphex Twin on Thursday (01.06.17).

Red Bull TV presenter Will Best - who will continue to host the platform's live stream of the festival at tonight from 9pm CEST - praised the Spanish music extravaganza for bringing together artists and their fans from different genres of music.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz, he said: ''When Solange was doing her amazing soul, future R 'n' B stuff, to Bon Iver doing his thing and then Slayer, and then Aphex Twin, this festival definitely brings people together.''