On Tuesday (03Jan16) fans of the band began posting photographs online. The snaps showed the contents of silver padded envelopes bearing the band's logo that they'd received in the post.

These included special guest list invitations to U.S. tour dates which the group had yet to make public.

"We would like to invite you (and a friend) to our show at the Skyline stage at the Mann (Center for the Performing Arts) in Philadelphia, PA on May 17 2017," an invite to a Pennsylvania-based fan read.

The fan, who posts under the Twitter handle @im_not_amish, wrote that he was one of the first people to pre-order the band's forthcoming album I See You.

Fans also received 7 inch vinyl copies of the new album's first single, On Hold. Other tour destinations revealed by fans include Dallas, Texas and Portland, Oregon.

The group has also been unveiled as one of the acts performing at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in California in April (17).

The low-key announcement of the tour mirrors the way the group revealed they would be touring Europe, a trek that begins in February (17). Representatives for the band were contacted for confirmation of their touring plans.

2017 has begun with a bang for the acclaimed group, with guitarist and singer Romy Madley Croft announcing her engagement earlier this week (end08Jan17).

I See You, their first album since 2012, set for release on 13 January (17).