Thomas Sadoski is ''so proud'' of Amanda Seyfried.

The couple star together in 'The Last Word' and the 40-year-old actor was very impressed with the fact his 31-year-old fiancee - who is pregnant with his first child - was able to hold her own on screen opposite veteran actress Shirley Maclaine.

He said: ''I watch this movie with so much pride because I'm watching my fiancee go toe-to-toe with Shirley MacLaine and hold her own, I'm just so proud.''

In the movie, the 82-year-old actress plays a controlling retired businesswoman who wants to write her own obituary, only for a young journalist - played by Amanda - to attempt to find the truth.

And both Thomas and Amanda were quick to acknowledge they were ''in the presence of greatness'' so they could learn from their iconic co-star.

Thomas told 'Access Hollywood': ''You have to be professional but you have to allow yourself those moments of being in the presence of greatness because once you acknowledge it, you can learn from it.

''If you just roll in like it's anybody... but that's not Amanda and that's not me, there's a humility to both of us as artists.''

Thomas thinks his fiancee's positive attitude about her own abilities have helped make a great film that audiences will enjoy.

He added: ''I was so impressed with her, how she presented, she came in and said 'I'm gonna learn from her but I'm gonna show up and bring what I bring' and the two of them hit it off immediately, and you can see it, it bounces off the screen.

''I think people are going to love it, it's a crowd pleaser.''