Tiesto doesn't think streaming has been ''good'' for music.

The Dutch DJ believes the popularity of services such as Spotify and Apple Music have ''completely'' changed the music industry and though it has benefits for users, he's not sure it's right in the long term.

Asked how streaming services have changed the music industry, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''It changed the music industry completely because it's not just the way you listen to music, but the way you perceive music. You don't really own the music anymore, you just stream it.

''It's all available to you; you used to have to go to a certain place to hear a certain track but everything is always available 24/7 now. That's not always a good thing.''

And the 49-year-old star even thinks streaming has impacted on festival performances.

He said: ''There's been a lot of changes. Everything has changed since the first time I played. When I first played at Creamfields, my set was 11 minutes long but I don't think people play 11 minutes nowadays. There was no Spotify; you had to be at the festival to hear the track. Believe me, everything has changed.''

The 49-year-old star still loves performing at festivals and wants his sets to be a ''party'' for himself and the audience.

He said: ''Right before my set, I just relax in my dressing room and just listen to the DJ or the bands who are on before me, see what they're up to and just check out some more of the festival.

''I just hang out backstage, have a couple of drinks and get into the mood to party because my sets are always a party and that's what I want people to take away from it - to have a great time and a great party. That's how I feel after the show.''

Tiësto will be headlining the Steel Yard Weekender on Sunday 27th May at Finsbury Park for an exclusive London performance and back to close out the Arc Stage at Creamfields on Sunday 26th August. For more information, go to www.creamfields.com / www.ticketmaster.co.uk