Rocker Tim Burgess has launched his own brand of music festival-friendly breakfast cereal.
The Charlatans frontman teamed up with bosses at Kellogg's to create Totes Amazeballs, a new marshmallow-and-chocolate-based snack.
Burgess tells, "We were thinking of something you’d eat at a festival that’d get you back on your feet. Something when you wake up a bit hungover will get you out of your tent. It'd make sure you’re raring to go! It's heavy duty and festival friendly."
And the musician is hoping the product's quirky name attracts shoppers, adding, "People have started to use that expression and it kind of gets up people’s noses, but it sounded to me like something (fictional chocolatier) Willy Wonka would come up with."
Totes Amazeballs will make its debut at the U.K. Kendal Calling Festival in July (12) and a portion of the proceeds will benefit The David Lynch Foundation, which helps provide Transcendental Meditation programmes to inner-city kids, veterans and the underprivileged.