Ash are planning to "embrace modern technology".

The 'Jesus Says' rockers have decided to shun traditional album releases in favour of a series of one-off singles - to eventually comprise a 26-song collection - and are planning to release their new music through as many outlets as possible.

Frontman Tim Wheeler said: "We're releasing 26 singles from later this year. It'll be a new single every two weeks for a whole year. They'll be available for download through a subscription on our website and we also want to release them on vinyl too. We've released every single we've ever done on vinyl, and we can't very well give up now. We're giving up on CDs though.

"It won't just be on the website. We know we need to embrace modern technology and branch out. So they'll be available on iTunes and Spotify too. I can't get over how good Spotify is, it's amazing. It's changed everything."

The group are set playing a series of European festival dates this summer and the singer admits they are delighted to be back on the road.

He added to BANG Showbiz: "It's nice to be back singing live at festivals and seeing so many people singing along to our music. It's pretty great. We've got some really hardcore fans and we've always tried to make our songs diverse. "