Ash will choose their next single from 55 new tracks.

Frontman Tim Wheeler has revealed the trio have been incredibly productive and hope to continue their prolific output before releasing their 'A to Z' singles collection.

From October, the band will release a single every fortnight for a year.

Tim told BANG Showbiz: "We've already recorded 44 tracks and we're going to do more as well, because we're experimenting a lot. About half of them are at the level we need them to be. When we're releasing that many songs in a year, we need to be pleased with them. We'll probably have done about 55 or so by October."

However, the 'Goldfinger' hitmakers say they will continue working on new material throughout the year to create a collection of singles they are satisfied with.

Speaking at the Hop Farm festival in Kent on Sunday (06.04.09), Bassist Mark Hamilton explained: "That's the good thing about it, even when we reach October, we still have the duration of the year to continue the work as well."

The band have been absent from the music scene since 2007 when they say they took a break to "recharge" and come up with new lyrical and musical ideas and feel the time out has been beneficial.

Tim said: "I think it's important to have breaks to give us chance to recharge."

Mark explained: "When we were touring before, we did about 20 months straight."

Tim added: "We just burn out when we're on tour, we run out of ideas because you're not used to real life... you need that sometimes."