Timbaland's estranged wife Monique Mosley filed paperwork to end their seven-year union in October, 2013. In 2014, it appeared the couple had reconciled when the divorce case was dismissed, but last year (15), Mosley filed new divorce papers in Florida.

The former couple is currently embroiled in a legal battle over child support and alimony, but the 44-year-old wants the documents in the proceedings sealed because he feels his children will be the target of cyberbullies and stalkers looking to add to the drama of his marriage split, according to Bossip.com.

"Unrestricted public access to the proceedings and the records would provide television and cyberbullies volumes of material to invade the children's privacy and bully them," Timbaland writes in a motion. "The court has the power to control the proceedings and access to minimize risks of stalking, bullying and harassment."

A judge has yet to rule on Timbaland's motion.