Tina Turner handles her son's death with ''acceptance''.

The 'Simply The Best' singer was devastated when her son Craig Raymond Turner - who she had with saxophonist Raymond Hill - took his own life in July at the age of 59.

Speaking about his death for the first time, she said: ''I handle it with acceptance. I remember all the moments when he visited me here. Like all boys, he was a little bit of a pest, but he was still my son! I remember the good things and the bad.''

Tina knows her son - who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound - ''wanted to go'' but is saddened that he ''took his life so dramatically''.

Asked what she thought about the fact it was her mother's gun that he used to take his own life, she added: ''That it was my mum's gun, is what I think. It just means when she died, Craig took it, bought the bullets and planned his own death really well. He wanted to go. What I don't know is why he would take his life so dramatically, that's the mystery.''

The 78-year-old singer believes her son grew up lonely because he missed her when she was away touring but she insists she doesn't ''feel bad'' about it because it was her only option.

She told the Daily Mail's You magazine: ''I think Craig grew up lonely, I think he missed his mother a lot. I was away, always away, touring, in the early times and I blame Ike for not being able to be the mother I would have been. I think I was as good a mother as I could be under the circumstances. I believe I made it up to Craig somehow, later. I don't feel bad about it because that was my reality then. I had no options.''