Tina Turner didn't want to come out of retirement - but felt she had to as she wanted to give her fans ''hope''.

The 'Simply The Best' singer appeared at the Hospital Club in London to celebrate her upcoming musical 'Tina' but admits it was her fans that encouraged her to return to music.

She admitted: ''This is going to be a little difficult. I don't [want this to happen]. I don't need a musical, I don't need another show ...

''I get cards and letters. People say I gave them hope. It means so much to people. I have to pass it on. I really want it to be a success. I hope it will travel the world and serve what that the people need, from me as a reminder of my work.''

And the 77-year-old singer - who last performed in concert eight years ago for her 50th anniversary tour - has been enjoying her ''wonderful'' retirement, revealing she spends her days sleeping in and decorating her house.

Speaking at the event - where she performed some of her songs alongside Adrienne Warren, who will play her in the musical - she added: ''I am sure you all want to know what I have been doing in retirement for the last seven years. I am very excited to be a part of this. This took me out of retirement.

''Retirement is wonderful, it's easy to sleep long. Do what you want, decorate the house two of three times. Easy things that you dreamed about when you were working.''

'Tina' is set to open at London's Aldwych Theatre in April 2018.