Tina Turner never like her ''sexy'' image.

The 'Proud Mary' star admits she never got on with the notion she was sexy as she never tried to be that way, it was just people's ''perception'' of her from the energy she exuded.

She said: ''I never liked that image. If people thought I was sexy, then it was their perception of me from energy and the dresses and the dancing. On stage I worked. I danced, I sang, I didn't perform sexy, I didn't gyrate. I have never been a sex-driven person, it has never been a priority for me. After my first marriage I didn't have many men in my life, sex was not important. I didn't sleep around. I was celibate for a year at a time until I met Erwin.''

And the 78-year-old singer also slammed the music industry for encouraging women to strip off nowadays.

She told the Mail on Sunday's You magazine: ''I think these days women are not wearing clothes, they are undressing as much as possible. Maybe the men are interested but I suspect it turns other women off.''

Meanwhile, Tina previously revealed she taught Mick Jagger how to dance.

She said: ''Mick wanted to dance - and I was a dancer - but he never gave me the credit! He said his mother taught him how to dance. But we worked with him in the dressing room, me and the girls, and we taught him how to Pony.''