Tina Turner taught Mick Jagger how to dance.

The 77-year-old music legend has revealed she was the one who taught the Rolling Stones frontman his moves, despite his claims he was taught by his mother.

She said: ''Mick wanted to dance - and I was a dancer - but he never gave me the credit! He said his mother taught him how to dance. But we worked with him in the dressing room, me and the girls, and we taught him how to Pony.''

And the 'What's Love Got To Do With It' hitmaker also opened up on her collaboration with the late icon David Bowie, and says their relationship was more about ''singing'', as he believed there was something he could learn from her voice.

She added: ''I had a different kind of collaboration with David and it was more to do with the singing. All those English guys felt I could sing. They felt there was something to learn from my singing. My vocals are natural. I hit the note naturally and they'd go: 'What?! How'd you do that?!'''

But Tina - who has son Raymond Craig, 59, from her relationship with Raymond Hill, and son Ronnie, 56, with her first husband Ike Turner - insists she ''never slept'' with with either Jagger or Bowie, adding that neither of them ever ''came on'' to her.

She said: ''[They were] like the brothers that I never had. We never slept together; and they never came on to me, because I think they saw me as a role model in some kind of way.''

Meanwhile, the 'Proud Mary' singer says her on-stage dance moves were never intended to be ''sexual'', and whilst she ''played with sex'', she insists she didn't use it to sell her music.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Tina said: ''All I ever wanted to do was give people a good time. I never did sexual moves, and I never did sexual gestures.

''I played with sex. But I never actually did it, so they thought I was really trying to come on to someone.

''When I stood there, sweat dripping from me, all the make-up on, and the hair, and everybody looking up at me, smiling. That was what I always left the stage with. Give them too much and you'll get them on stage with you.''