Keane were stopped by security while trying to get into the Isle of Wight Festival.

The piano-led band - comprised of Tom Chaplin, Tim Rice-oxley, Richard Hughes and Jesse Quin - returned to the stage after seven years, headlining the Big Top at the festival, however drummer Richard, 43, revealed they struggled getting backstage after the security guards didn't recognise them.

Speaking to Absolute Radio at the music extravaganza, he said: ''Well, we were just trying to get into the site and one of the security guys wouldn't let us in.

''The thing is ... things like that just get funnier and funnier the more they happen.

''Then the longer it goes on, the guy is just standing there and we're just sitting in this bus and it just got funnier as the situation got more absurd.

''He said: 'What time are you on?' and we said: '11pm' and he said: 'Well that's okay. You can go round the one way system again it'll only take an hour and a half' ... not living the dream at all are we?!''

It was revealed earlier this year that the 'Somewhere Only We Know' hitmakers had put aside their differences and would start making music again after the group disbanded in 2013, a year after releasing their fourth studio LP 'Strangeland'.

At the beginning of 2019, the group decided to reunite and frontman Tom insists they needed that time apart because he hadn't fully overcome his addiction to cocaine, a problem he first went to rehab for in 2006.

Opening up on their split, Tom previously said: ''It was probably mostly my fault. Back in 2012/13 I wanted to do something else with my life for a bit.

''I felt creatively I wanted to write and needed space and time to do that. The other thing was, unconsciously, I needed time to finish off my addictive behavior.''

The band recently announced their new album 'Cause and Effect' will be released on September 20.