Tom Chaplin wants to set a ''good example'' for his daughter.

The 38-year-old musician - who is most know for being the frontman of the band Keane - saw his life spiral out of control in the mid-2000s due to his addictions to drink and drugs, and after picking himself back up again, he suffered a relapse two years ago.

But, since welcoming his daughter Freya - whom he has with his wife Natalie Chaplin - into the world three years ago, he is doing his best to keep himself on the straight and narrow, as he wants to make up for the time he missed with her.

He said: ''Addiction is a passive-aggressive way of expressing myself. It can be a very sadomasochistic way of living life. But now I am a father, I can finally face things and it's a chance to be a good example. I wasn't available for Freya and I was incredibly sad about it.

''But I am on the other side of that now. I know there is a little part of me in her and I can't always protect her from everything. But I'm an open book and am happy to talk to my family about my past problems.''

Tom recently released his ''sympathetic and positive'' Christmas themed solo album 'The Twelve Tales of Christmas', and says the record is designed to be an ''apology'' to his family for the Christmases he might have ruined due to his substance abuse.

Speaking to MailOnline, Tom said: ''There's been a shift in society with regards to mental health and inspiring others. It's a fashionable topic now. I wanted this new album to be an apology for all the Christmases I've ruined. It's sympathetic and positive.''

It comes after Tom recently revealed he is striving to prove to his family that he can be ''reliable'' over the festive season.

He said: ''Christmas can be hard and certainly, from my experiences of talking to other people, it can be a real flashpoint in terms of temptation. But not for me because I'm so aware now of the importance of family and loved ones.

''I have a three-year-old daughter, and I know I wasted a lot of good years becoming isolated and distant from the people who count. I treat it as he time I get to see my extended family and I really look forward to it, just being there for them, being trustworthy and reliable.''