'Harry Potter' star Tom Felton is confused about whether a hot dog can be classed as a sandwich.

On occasions, the 31-year-old actor - famous for portraying Draco Malfoy in the magical movie franchise, based on J.K. Rowling's book series - enjoys the meaty snack, which is comprised of a grilled or steamed sausage placed inside a bun that is sliced down the middle.

Although the light meal has a meat filling and bread, the main components of a sandwich, it is eaten facing up unlike a traditional sarnie which has two slices of bread separately placed on the top and bottom of the filling and Tom is confused as to what food category it falls in.

Speaking to food and pop culture website The Takeout, he was asked whether a hot dog is a sandwich, prompting him to reply: ''Instinctive answer? Absolutely not ... It's [a hot dog's] sideways. If anything, it's more of a wrap. Like a bread wrap.''

Tom then clarified that although he can understand why some menu items, like burgers and lobster rolls, can be considered sandwiches he thinks unless a meal contains the term 'sandwich' in its name then its sandwich credentials should be dismissed.

He explained: ''Technically, to me, a burger's not really a sandwich, but it is, because you've got bread on top, bread on the bottom ... I'm saying that something that's called a sandwich is called a sandwich, and if it's called something else, then it's not a sandwich ... I've never had a lobster roll, so I can't really say, but it's a roll, it's called a roll!''