Tom Ford went down on one knee to ask Stella Mccartney to be his son's godmother.

The 58-year-old fashion designer and his husband Richard Buckley, 70, chose Stella to be godmother to their son Jack and both men got down on bended knee to pop the question.

Stella, 47, told US Vogue: ''Tom has a cheeky, childlike quality - there's a need to rebel from all that. But he is first and foremost a gentleman. When he and Richard asked me to be godparent to Jack, they both got down on bended knee.''

Jack has changed Tom and Richard's lives and Richard believes the youngster has influenced Tom's fashion collections.

He said: ''I think his fall-winter 2013 collection, with its clashing colours and patterns, was a direct result of Jack being in his life. The thought of brightly coloured plastic toys in his house was nothing Tom wanted to see, but it's what children like.''

However, Tom's preference for monochrome has also influenced Jack, whose favourite colour is now black.

Richard added: ''At the Hammer's K.A.M.P. in 2017 - an annual family fundraiser - one artist asked the children to paint rainbows, and Jack painted arc after arc in black.''

While Jack is growing up extremely privileged, both Tom and Richard are determined not to spoil him.

Tom explained: ''What I sell is happiness through a new pair of shoes, and of course that's not really possible. However, we are material creatures. Jack gets a dollar a day. He saves that money, and no matter what he wants, unless it's Christmas or his birthday, he has to buy it.

''It's very cute: Whenever Jack's done for the day, he has a chair next to his bed where we sit, and I read to him at night, and I'll go in later to make sure everything's OK. Tuck him in again. Sitting in the chair will be whatever thing he has made that day, found that day, been into that day, right there so he can see it. I remember doing that as a child with new shoes or whatever it was that I had bought that I was so in love with. Those material things can bring you a sort of happiness.''