Tom Hanks doesn't care about ''money'' or ''power''.

The 63-year-old actor appreciates that his position as a Hollywood icon has brought him both fame and riches, but has insisted the perks of the job have nothing to do with his love for his career, as he says nothing is ''more fun'' than acting.

He said: ''I will say that years and years - when I realised that being an actor was a thing, a job, a craft, a pursuit you could have - I [didn't] think there could be anything that could possibly be more fun that.

''I'm not in this for power, although I have some, I'm not in this for money, although man am I rich. I can go to Greece any time I want so that's how comfortable I am, but there's no substitute for that.''

By following his passion, the 'Cast Away' star has become one of the most beloved faces in Hollywood, and has said his decades-long career is ''the greatest and most exciting'' job there is.

Recalling the early days of his career, he told People magazine: ''I will tell you this, when I was in high school and we would audition, auditions would be done on Friday and the cast list would be put on Monday and I could not sleep for the entire weekend and I still feel that way the weekend before we start shooting. It's just the greatest and most exciting and challenging job there is.''

Meanwhile, Tom - who has starred in several iconic movies including 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Forrest Gump' - recently gushed over his career when he spoke about ''touching people on a very personal level'' with his film roles.

He said: ''There's an undeniable power that you just have to say, 'Hey, I did work that was good enough that ended up touching people on a very personal level.'

''Because I think we all remember what we were going through - what our circumstances [were] - was it sort of like what we needed at the time when we saw films that actually made us feel better about who we are.''