The publications' editors have also retracted articles they ran about the Hollywood couple's alleged divorce plans, in which they also suggested Hanks had fallen for one of his co-stars.

The National Enquirer and Star Magazine stories have also been changed online and corrections will run in the upcoming print editions.

Hanks and Rita Wilson issued a statement shortly after the scandalous stories broke, insisting they were "so far from true", adding they were "lies" the couple "would not put up with any longer".

"We did not intend to report that Tom Hanks was having any kind of an inappropriate relationship with Meg Ryan, or that he and Rita Wilson were divorcing," the National Enquirer's statement reads.

Star Magazine editors apologised for their article earlier this month (Oct16). They suggested Hanks was having an inappropriate relationship with Felicity Jones, the actor's co-star in new film Inferno.

Hanks and Wilson have one of Hollywood's most solid marriages and he was there to support her after the actress underwent a double mastectomy in April, 2015, following a breast cancer diagnosis.

Tom credited his wife for her bravery for speaking out about her health crisis.

"The only thing you can do when something like that comes along is drop everything and pay attention to it," he told "It's a health crises that we all know is hell and however you deal with it, it's bold to keep the information close to the heart and it's also bold to say: 'Here's the deal, here comes breast cancer!' And after nine months of medical treatment she's finally finished."