The A Hologram for the King actor turns 60 this July (16). He is still a fine figure of a man, and admits his physique is down to his recently adopted morning yoga routine.

"I don't even have aches and pains, because I started stretching," Tom said during an interview on British morning show Lorraine on Monday (16May16). "I started doing the yoga, it's the greatest thing you can ever do."

However, Tom has found a different way of describing the exercise, as he finds that the word "yoga" can have some negative connotations.

"You don't want to go, you know, (too new age-y). You don't want to put on yoga pants and burn incense and have wind chime music while you're doing it," he insisted. "I just turn on the radio really loud and, you know, count it out. I view it as glorified sit-ups, that's what I say. Because when you said, 'Oh, I do yoga now', they automatically go, 'Oh and are you reading Siddhartha?' No, so I say 'I did my glorified sit-ups this morning' and then they think you're He-Man!"

When it comes to celebrating his big day later this year, Tom is hoping to have a low key celebration alongside wife Rita Wilson and his four children. But there is one aspect of turning 60 he is looking forward to - being able to boss the rest of his family around.

"The best parties to have, because a big party you usually has a red carpet and photographers and I've done enough of that, so hopefully I'll have my kids around, who will call me an idiot and say bad things about me," he laughed. "And I'll have some friends over and I get to boss everybody around for an entire day, which is a tradition in our family - anybody whose birthday it is gets to go, 'Today is my birthday and you shall take me seriously'. Whether or not they live up to that promise over the course of the day... it never happens but I'm going to give it a shot."