Tom Holland finds it ''stressful'' being a role model.

The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' star admits it is tough having people looking up to him as there are times where he just wants to ''get steaming drunk and be an idiot'' but he can't because he has a ''reputation to uphold''.

He said: ''I've got however many millions of followers. And most are under 18, so I have a responsibility to be somebody to look up to. Tony Stark is a billionaire, so fans can't relate to that. Thor's a Norse god - there aren't any Norse gods. Captain America is a super-soldier, and there aren't any of them. But Peter Parker's a school kid. There's millions of those. I try to be someone they aspire to be. But sometimes it's stressful. Sometimes I just want to go to a club with mates, get steaming drunk and be an idiot. But I can't, because I have a reputation to uphold.''

And whilst the 23-year-old actor uses Instagram a lot, he doesn't like reading the comment section as he admits it ''doesn't put him in a good place''.

He added to The Sunday Times' Culture magazine: ''I use Instagram a lot, yes, but it's a valuable asset for young actors. If you go to Spotlight for an audition, they ask how many followers you have. It's a huge way of doing self-publicity. A video of me saying how excited I am for a film is more effective than a billboard.

''It's a little tricky. So I try to avoid comments. I've always been good with negative comments. I'm not the tallest person and, my entire life, I've had the piss taken out of me, so I'm not easily offended. But reading Instagram comments doesn't put me in a good place. The issue with Instagram is that, for most of the accounts, you don't see real lives.''