Sir Tom Jones is still a sex bomb at almost 80.

The 79-year-old crooner still has legions of women throwing themselves at him but admitted that it is ''mostly the grandmothers'' who have the hots for him these days.

Tom told The Sunday Mirror: ''It's mostly the ¬grandmothers who fancy me. Some have got my name written across their chest.''

Tom - whose beloved wife Linda died in 2016 - also revealed he finds it hard to believe he is almost 80 and he still thinks of himself as 30.

Asked if he saw 30-year-old women as the right age for him, Tom explained: ''Yeah, I do. You can't see yourself when you are looking at ¬somebody else.

''I can't believe it when they say 80 years old because when you are young and you think 80 it sounds old.''

Tom's fans have always gone wild for him and he recalled one memorable encounter with a particularly vocal fan when he was performing on stage in Scotland.

'The Voice UK' star said: ''I was in Scotland and I opened the show with a John Lee Hooker song called 'Burning Hell'. The first line is 'I am going down to the church'.

''The fella that worked with me said there was a Scottish woman saying something that sounded similar but meant something else. I'm glad I didn't hear it otherwise I wouldn't have been able to sing that line anymore.''