Kasabian have teased new music with a snippet of a track called 'Pressie'.

The rock band - comprised of Tom Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Edwards, and Ian Matthews - took to their social media accounts on Christmas Day (25.12.16) to share a short audio clip of a brand new song, seemingly titled 'Pressie'.

Posting a link to their SoundCloud.com account on Twitter, the 'Fire' hitmakers wrote: #merrychristmas from Kasabian ... here's your #Pressie: (sic)''

Although the link took fans to an audio clip entitled 'Pressie', it is unknown as of yet whether that is the actual track name, or if it just represented the shortened word for present.

The new sample of music comes as the 'Eez-Eh' rockers have recently been working on the follow up to their 2014 hit album '48:13'.

When asked last month about the band's activity, a spokesperson simply said: ''The band are currently finishing their new album.''

However, fans expecting the same electronic sound that was present on '48:13' will likely be disappointed with any new material the 'Eez-Eh' musicians have to offer, as they previously said they were planning on returning to their roots and write a guitar album.

Frontman Tom said: ''I said to Serge, 'Let's go back to our roots, let's go back to guitars.' He said, 'That's what I've done.' He played me the demos and I was like, 'F***ing hell! That's great that is.' It's nothing like '48.13', there's not f***ing interludes or any of that s**t.''

Meanwhile, fans in Italy will likely be amongst the first to hear 'Pressie' in full, after the band announced three dates in the country in July.

The 'Club Foot' musicians will play a headline show in the city of Taormina on July 19, before heading off to perform at festivals in the capital Rome, on July 21, and in Lucca on July 23.