TV heart-throb Tom Welling has predicted Superman drama SMALLVILLE will end in 2005.

The CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN star, 26, has been playing the young caped crusader struggling to balance a normal teenage life with his burgeoning superpowers in the WARNER BROS series since its debut in 2001.

Welling says, "I don't think I'll be doing this 10 years from now. I think the show can be a number one hit for three more years, definitely.

"I don't have any interest playing Clark Kent in college, Clark Kent in his first job, Clark Kent becoming Superman."

Welling admits he has been approached to star in a new Superman movie.

He explains, "There have been some conversations but I have schedule conflicts. If it did ever become a possibility, then I'd have to go down that road then."

24/02/2004 17:27