SMALLVILLE star Tom Welling will take his role as TV's Superman to the big screen as the next movie superhero, according to reports.

Studio bosses at Warner BROS have been planning to resurrect the franchise for some time, but have struggled to attach a star to the beleaguered project - Brendan Fraser and Ashton Kutcher have been among the bigger names touted for the role.

But sources claim Warners have now decided to award the coveted role to Welling, 27 - who plays the teenage Superman in TV hit Smallville.

According to fansite SUPERMAN-V.COM, "The offer is on the table, and we believe it is a two picture deal."

There has been no confirmation of the offer - for the first Superman film since 1987's SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE - but the choice of Welling is thought to be a popular one among fans of Smallville.

09/08/2004 17:08