Tony Goldwyn's wife refuses to watch his hit Tv show Scandal as she hates his steamy romance scenes with co-star Kerry Washington.

The actor stars as philandering U.S. President Fitzgerald Grant, who is embroiled in a torrid affair with Washington's character Olivia Pope and his wife, Jane Musky, can't bare watching the pair's on-screen chemistry.

Speaking on talkshow Watch What Happens Live he says, "It's a problem...(but) the honest answer is, my wife doesn't watch it. She watched the pilot and thought it was great, but... I don't encourage (her to watch it because of the sex scenes)."

But the actor admits that his two daughters, Anna and Tess, enjoy the show and often send him hilarious text messages about his character's exploits on the series, revealing, "My two girls think it's hilarious. Disgusting and hilarious. So they send me all kinds of rude texts (about the show)."