Tony set the rumour mill alight on Monday (20Mar17) after he was pictured smiling and laughing at the California theme park with top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

The actor, 56, was accompanied by one of his two daughters, while Huma took her five-year-old son Jordan, with estranged husband and disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, along for the day out, but that didn't stop gossipmongers from questioning whether the Disneyland date was romantic.

Now Tony's wife of 30 years, Jane Musky, has addressed the rampant rumours, insisting there was nothing scandalous about the trip, because the two families have been close for a while.

Jane, 62, tells, "We are all good friends. There is nothing more to it."

The actor, who shares girls Anna and Tess with Jane, has long maintained his favourite way to relax is by his wife's side.

"A 'guys' night out' for me is... being with my wife," he previously gushed. "Since I'm at work a lot, I want to be with her when I'm home... The best part of my day is going to bed every night with Jane. I still feel lucky about that."

Tony portrays U.S. President Fitzgerald Grant III in political drama Scandal, alongside Kerry Washington and Scott Foley.