The two actors star alongside each other in the movie adaptation of the popular game, though Australian star Travis admits he was clueless about the gaming phenomenon before cameras started rolling.

“I feel like everyone in the world knew about it except for me. More than 100 million people have played it. It’s like the biggest game ever,” Travis laughed to Britain’s Metro newspaper.

“(Now my knowledge is) extreme level. Rob Kazinsky, the English actor who plays Orgrim, one of the orcs, was once number 10 in the world. He used to play 18 hours a day. He was my little encyclopedia.”

The fantasy flick has attracted an impressive cast with Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster and Paula Patton also starring, and began hitting cinemas from 25 May (16).

Warcraft tells the story of an orc invasion on the peaceful realm of Azeroth. Travis plays Anduin Lothar, known as the Lion of Azeroth, but reveals if he was playing the actual game he wouldn't care if he was human or orc, as long as he could get close to Paula.

“I don’t know. Whoever gets to be with Paula Patton, probably. She looks hot in green,” he smiled. “I didn’t know I was into green. But now I can’t wait to go to Comic Con and hopefully see a few green birds (women) walking around!”

The movie is full of CGI, which was a new shooting experience for Vikings actor Travis.

“I did a few walk and talks with nobody, which was kinda different. My gryphon (mythical bird like animal) was a broomstick with a bit of foam on the end. I had no idea about motion capture stuff before this,” he said.