Troy star Eric Bana has been left stunned by fellow Aussie Heath Ledger's death - because the tragedy has made him consider his own mortality. The actor admits he only met Ledger briefly, when their films Munich and Brokeback Mountain were competing for Oscars at the same time, but he had a deep respect for the Casanova star. And now, two weeks after Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment, Bana has found the words to express his feelings about the tragedy, and what it has meant to him. The Hulk actor says, "It was extremely tragic and it took a few days for it to sink in. I think the most distressing thing to me was looking back and thinking how significant each 10 years is as a person. "As a man and a father, I look at the age of 28 to 38 as being an incredible period to go through and he (Ledger) was robbed of that. "From my own personal experience, I just thought how unbelievably tragic it is. It's shocking."