Executives of Black Heritage Auction in Brooklyn have listed a host of goods connected with the late rapper, who died in 1996 after being shot, including his New York Prisoner Identification Card, handwritten song lyrics, his nose stud from the cover of album All Eyez On Me, a signed Quran, a gold and diamond medallion and his Dolce & Gabbana wool jacket.

They have a total of 39 items which have a starting bid of $480,000 (£384,500) but they hope to receive seven figures from the sale, which is set to take place on 7 April (17), the same day he is posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by his longtime friend Snoop Dogg.

A company representative told TMZ.com they didn't contact the estate of his late mother Afeni, who passed away last year (16), because they believed they got the memorabilia lawfully and didn't need to.

They have received a couple of aggressive lawsuits from the estate's lawyers over the sale, but they're not backing down.

Afeni's estate have also sued the Moments in Time auction house for selling Shakur's old passport and driver's licence, among others, and ignoring the repeated legal warnings about the sale.