The note was written by the rapper during a prison stint in 1995, which stemmed from a sexual assault case, in response to a "passionate letter" an unknown woman had sent to him.

In the note, Shakur asks the woman if she liked blindfolds, oily massages and sexy bubble baths.

But it gets even raunchier as it continues with questions such as, "Ever been oiled down and massaged to the sounds of slow sensual music" and "Ever... (been) taken thru (sic) 12 positions of lovemaking so thoroughly that you are too tired to shower or get dressed?"

The letter also features his signature and a picture of an eye drawn by the rapper, who died in 1996.

Ken Goldin, owner of Goldin Auctions, tells the letter is expected to fetch $25,000 when it goes up for auction on Monday (09Jan17).