Tyra Banks has vowed to fight the ''oppression'' of the fashion and beauty industry.

The 46-year-old supermodel called out some of the criticism she's received for her appearance over the years in a candid video but admitted she's realised that her beauty isn't ''defined'' by anyone else.

In a video titled 'The UpriXing Begins' to promote her new business venture ModelLand, Tyra scolded the camera in a way that seemed like an argument between a couple.

She said: ''28 years and now this. It's always something with you.

''I was too skinny, then I was too fat, then my ass was too big -- oh, but you all about that now, huh?!

''Don't lie I see who you following on social media. Oh, excuse me? You loved me? In 1991? Oh, you want to talk about the 90s?

''Okay, let's talk about the '90s! Let's talk about how you would spend less time with me in the winter because you said my skin looked better on your arm in the summer. Let's talk about how I had to mix my own make-up colours because if I left it up to the people you chose for me, I'd look like an ashy clown.

''Oh and don't get me started on the hair. Do not get me started on the hair. Oh, you changed? Yeah, you changed because you had to because if you didn't, no one would want your ass.

''It's too late because today, I am wise enough to know my beauty is not defined by you.''

Tyra went on to insist beauty comes in all different forms and she no longer wants unrealistic standards to make people ''feel like c**p about themselves''.

She said: ''Beauty is all shapes and sizes. All colors and genders. Young and old. Tall and short. Thin and thick. Real beauty lives in the land of and. Yeah, I said it.

''And while you may spend the rest of your life trying to convince people otherwise, you will never succeed.''

''Every single day, I will continue to fight your oppression that makes people feel like crap about themselves. Oh, get ready 'cause it's payback time.''

The former 'America's Next Top Model' host also urged fans to post their own videos ''shouting out to a person that hurt you.''

The video description asked for: ''Whether the source of your pain comes from someone you've dated, or a job, or a parent, now's the time to let it out like never before. #TheUpRiXing has your back.''

Tyra announced her plans for ModelLand last year, which will reportedly be a multi-level space featuring shops, restaurants, interactive entertainment and more.