Una Healy is a ''massive worrier'' when it comes to her children.

The former Saturdays singer - who has Aoife, five, and Tadhg, three, with husband Ben Foden - admitted being a parent has made her more anxious so she's thankful her spouse helps her get perspective on certain situations as he's much more laid back.

She said: ''I wish I could be more 'go with the flow'.

''To be honest,I am a massive worrier. I worry way too much and I always worry if the kids are OK.

''I am more of an anxious person than laid back but luckily Ben is the complete opposite to me.''

The 36-year-old singer confessed to feeling ''lost'' after the birth of both her children but she's in a much better place now.

She said: ''I'm not embarrassed about revealing that I've had my ups and downs and I went through a rough patch after my second baby.

''But it's sleep deprivation and hormones and it takes ages to get back to feeling normal.

''I feel in a much better place now than I have done, but that's because of the love and support around me.

''I don't feel as lost as I have before.''

The 'Stay My Love' singer has turned her back on the showbiz lifestyle in favour of a ''normal'' life with her family.

She admitted to Closer magazine: ''I have pretty much cut out socialising.

''I'm very normal and I don't do showbiz events with red carpets.

''You are more likely to find me at home making the tea and changing nappies.

''Of course, it's fun to get dressed up to go to the occasional charity event but I would rather be at home playing with the kids.''