Una Healy has channeled her heartbreak over the end of her marriage into a new song.

The former Saturdays star split from Ben Foden - the father of her children Aoife, six, and three-year-old Taidhg - in July 2018 after he was unfaithful to her, and in her new ballad 'Strangers', she sings about how she felt she was ''going crazy'' and hit out at the rugby player for his broken promises.

According to The Sun newspaper, the lyrics include: ''You made feel like I was going crazy/ Believing all those lies that you fed me.

''Every word you said to me was empty/ Broken every promise that you made me/ No we can't save this.''

And the 37-year-old singer admits she isn't really sure she truly knew her husband of six years.

She also sings: ''Did I ever really get to know you/ Did you really care for me like your supposed to.

''So save your breath/ There's nothing left worth keeping anyway/ We are so much better off/ To go our separate ways.''

Ben recently insisted he and Una still have a ''very amicable'' relationship and though he believes he deserves criticism for being unfaithful, he insisted that wasn't the only reason why their marriage broke down.

He said: ''At the moment anything that's published about me is never very good and pretty rightly so, because I was the one who committed adultery.

''But at the same time, it wasn't the only reason for our divorce to go through.

''It's not ideal but we're very amicable, we're getting through it.

''We're not the first people in the world to get divorced. We've got two little kids we adore.''

Una is now dating former Limerick hurler David Breen, while Ben is single but has been spotted on dating app Bumble.