Usher and Adam Lambert were among celebrities allegedly targeted in a burglary ring.

Prosecutors believe the two singers, along with the likes of NFL player Shaun Phillips and 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Dorit Kemsley, were victims of realtor Jason Emil Yaselli, 32, and his 33-year-old accomplice Benjamin Ackerman, between December 2016 and August 2018.

The two men have been accused of first-degree residential burglary, identity theft, conspiracy to commit burglary and money laundering, including an allegation that they took more than $500,000 through fraud and embezzlement.

According to two men, the two men allegedly committed the crimes during open houses in the Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood areas, meaning items were likely taken during the viewings.

The complaint alleges Yaselli would encourage Ackerman to steal luxury items from a total of 14 homes in order to sell them on and then use the money to make payments on the realtor's credit card.

The pair were both arrested on Wednesday (21.08.19). The alleged accomplice has pled not guilty and had bail set at $1.2 million while prosecutors said they would recommend bail at $1.73 million for Yaselli.

If convicted, the pair face up to 31 years in prison.

However, Ackerman's lawyers, Gary Jay Kaufman and Elana Goldstein, have accused prosecutors of only taking action for publicity.

They said: ''The District Attorney's press release, by specifically naming Usher and Adam Lambert as alleged victims, only emphasises what we have believed from day one, that this is a publicity driven prosecution.

''The People's case is no better today than it was a year ago. Unlike a fine wine, this case does not get better with age. Mr. Ackerman is not just presumed to be innocent, he is in fact innocent.''