V V Brown was ''traumatised'' by a childhood hair disaster.

The singer ended up with an unflattering boy crop after a visit to the hairdresser when she was younger and has vowed to keep her hair long ever since.

She told France's GLAMOUR magazine: ''When I was younger, I went to the hairdressers and I don't know what happened. He gave me a little boy's haircut even though I'd waited ages to have long hair. I was completely traumatised by it and lost confidence in myself for a while.

''I think a woman's beauty comes from her hair. Luckily, that's all behind me now and I'm making the most of having long hair.''

V V loves experimenting with make-up and picks up tricks from make-up artists she meets on photoshoots as well as from her little sister because she believes it's important to be creative with cosmetics.

The British star said: ''I'm still learning! Make-up artists have taught me a lot. That's the advantage of working in the music industry and having done modelling. I observe them and copy it. My little sister has also taught me a lot.

''She works in the theatre company and is very skilled. When I have a free Saturday, I like trying out new tricks. When it comes to beauty, it's important to be creative. That's how you have fun, how you learn to enhance your assets and feel more confident.''